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Download Clash Of Clans Gem Hack

If you are here then you are probably coc player and you want to learn how to get unlimited gems for free. You don’t need to worry because you finally found the right place. Our website will answer all your questions about this topic. First of all if you want to learn more about the game click here or here.

What will you learn here

– More about Clash of Clans Gem Hack
– Way to get free gems for clash of clans
– How To Use Clash Of Clans Free Gems Generator
– Other Features Of Clash Of Clans Cheats Tool
– More About Gold and Elixir Hack
– Where to download coc gem hack generator and how

So let’s begin shall we?

More about Clash of Clans Gem Hack

We discovered glitch in coc about two months ago. Glitch that can help you generate gems for free, so we started making  clash of clans free gems hack tool, in order to help you generate coc gems free and easily. About a month ago, we finally made tool called “Clash Of Clans Gem Hack”. After beta testing, we decided to start selling this tool privately and we did. We generate lots of money selling this clash of clans free gems generator as well as selling gems directly to some buyers. At first it worked only for android, and we were trying to make ios version as well. A week ago we finally did it, so this gem hack works for android and ios as well. You are searching for a way to get free gems, but we are selling our Clash Of Clans cheats tool and you are now probably wondering how can this help you, if you don’t want to buy. A few days ago, someone that bought coc cheats tool from us, leaked this tool, and started to sell it for much smaller price then we did. We don’t like that someone else is trying to sell our cheats tool like their own so we found a way to stop that. So we decided to offer this cheats tool for free download. Because it got spread a lot, developers are constantly trying to patch this now, and this clash of clans free gems hack needs updates everyday. We have team of more then 15 coders that are working on tools like this one. So don’t worry we will still update this tool, but we need something from you in return. If you want to download it and get free gems, you will need to complete a offer. Don’t worry it’s easy to complete and free. We are making a little money of every survey (offer) that are complete so we can pay our coders which are working on updates. I know that surveys are extremely boring and that you don’t like them, and we are really sorry about that, but that was the only way for us to offer you this clash of clans gem hack for free. So if you don’t want to read more about this tool you can just click on the button below and download it right away. But if you do want to find out more and how to use this tool, then you should continue reading. Also if you want to know how popular this game is check this out.

How To Use Clash Of Clans Free Gems Hack

As you can see from the picture above this is just one of the tabs of our bigger tool called “clash of clans cheats”, we will talk more about other features of the whole tool later, but gem hack is the most important and most used tab of this tool so other cheats are just bonuses. You can see that we made this gems generator very clean and easy to use. It will do all the work for you, you just need to sit back and relax, while generating free gems. You are here to learn how to use it so let’s begin.

First of all you will need to connect to our clash of clans cheats tool, and then go to gems hack tab, but we’ll talk about connecting later. So when you are connected first you need to select desired amount of free gems that you want to generate. There are five choices available, but we are recommending not to generate more then 6500 daily per account, if you don’t want to get caught. Next you need to enter your username, select use proxy option and then select the mode. There are two different modes available – safe and fast mode. You should chose the safe mode, it will take a few more minutes to generate gems, but you won’t get caught and your account will be safe. So next thing you need to do is just click on add free gems button, and wait a few minutes. That’s it if you done everything correctly message will pop up that says your free gems are successfully generated. It wasn’t hard at all, was it? I also noticed that much of you play other supercell games, and we wanted to let you know that we just released new Clash Royale Cheats.

Here on this video you can also find some other ways, tips and tricks to earn or make more gems for free, but I personally think that it’s a lot easier with our free tool, I highly suggest you to check it out.

Other Features Of Clash Of Clans Cheats Tool

This tool is made of 6 different tabs, and coc free gems hack is just one of them. So here you can learn more about other tabs and features of our cheats tool.

Connect Tab

As I said earlier if you want to use this tool you need to connect first. So all you need to do is select the platform you are using (iOS or Android). There are four different options for you to chose – iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android. when you selected the right platform enter your username, select use proxy option and safe mode. Just like with free gems hack tab. Then you need to click connect button and wait a few minutes. When the message appears that says you  are connected, you are good to go.

Level Hack

This tab is used for hacking your level in coc. So just select the level you want to be and click on patch profile. Wait a few seconds and that’s it.

Gold Hack

With coc gold hack you can generate unlimited amounts of gold in you profile. Just select desired amount of gold and click add gold button. In a few seconds you will have selected amount of gold generated.

Elixir Hack

Elixir Hack is almost the same as gold hack. But with this tab you are generating elixir instead of gold. Just select desired amount of elixir and click add elixir. You can generate up to one million gold and elixir for free every day.

Clash Of Clans Cheats Tab

This is the final tab of this tool. With it you can add all kinds of cheats to your coc account. There are nine different cheats. Fast Building, Double DMG, Add Builder, One Week Shield for free, Town Hall Hack, Dark Elixir Hack, Trophies hack, max storages and instant researches. All these cheats will help you in the game a lot. If you want you can select all of these or just a few it’s your choice. When you selected desired cheats click on add cheats button. Same as with other tabs, wait a few seconds and that’s it cheats will be added to your clash of clans account.

How To Download COC Free Gems Hack

We came to the end of this post, so now you are probably wondering how to download this amazing tool and get free gems right now. Just click on the button bellow, and follow the further instructions. Don’t worry it’s very easy and you will get free gems for clash of clans right away. You are only a few minutes apart from unlimited amounts of gems and other coc resources, so hurry up and get your free gems right now.

Download Clash Of Clans Gem Hack

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